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Introduction to International Background Screening

A Complimentary White Paper from Employment Screening Resources (ESR)

The complimentary white paper ‘Introduction to International Background Screening’ from Employment Screening Resources (ESR) provides an informative introduction to international background screening, what risks and challenges employers conducting such screenings should be aware of, and the many ways background screening overseas differs from background screening in the United States.

Topics covered in this complimentary white paper include:

  • Statistics Showing Why International Background Screening Is Necessary
  • Why Employers Cannot Assume U.S. Government Screens Workers from Abroad
  • Special Challenges When Performing International Background Screenings
  • Challenges Specific to International Criminal Checks
  • Tips on Education Verification of International Schools
  • Tips on International Employment Verification
  • Terrorist Watch Search Lists & International Databases
  • Legal Implications for Employers Doing International Background Checks
  • Privacy and Data Protection in International Background Screening
  • Recommendations for International Background Screening Programs

Download the complimentary white paper ‘Introduction to International Background Screening’ from the Employment Screening Resources (ESR) website at  

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